Erin Kate Moore

                  Erin Kate Moore

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Erin Kate Moore Memorial Fund

Erin loved school. She loved PJ and she loved learning French. Within our family, French was her unique strength and she was very proud of being the family expert. Erin was always up for a challenge whether it was a new move hanging from the monkey bars, darting for the soccer ball on her beloved Yellow Stars team or even conquering another hiking trail on a different continent.
Her infectious laugh, joy and free spirit warmed all she met. We have all learnt so much from Erin about generosity, caring and empathy for others. 
We will hold in our hearts her formidable independence, tenacity and her indomitable spirit. She was as tough as nails and as sweet as candy - all in one package. Our lives have been profoundly enriched by her presence. 
We have chosen the PJ playground to remember Erin's life. However, we encourage parental participation in this project to celebrate the life and spirit of your own children - their play, joy and exuberance as much as a memorial to our own child.
-Elizabeth, Michael and Cameron Moore

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Erin's log climbing jam