"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."             Walt Disney

Erin Kate Moore Memorial Log Climbing Jam     

Installed October 2016

Erin's climbing log jam has been designed with the spirit of the child in mind.  Walnut logs, a climbing net and ship's rope have been placed to create a natural play and climbing area. This area will help children develop stronger problem solving abilities, balance and general motor skills.

KINDY OUTDOOR SPACE  Budget $50K  Phase two 2017/18

Fundraising ongoinG


This cement area will be beautified to allow little minds to flourish. Imagine trees and stone steps for balancing, mounds for rolling and a bench system that brings a learning space outdoors - just for little ones . This is where every child is promised space with nature and a special place to start their early adventures & outdoor learning.


 Big House structure to cover the learning table be built Spring 2017.

Big House structure to cover the learning table be built Spring 2017.

This space will be rediscovered to provide multiple avenues of learning for young and old; we are fortunate to have partnered with the West Vancouver Senior Activity Centre. Learning opportunities include: education of food security and production, math learning,  science learning, as well as inter-generational learning.  There will be learning concepts such as weather stations and class study areas.



An outdoor classroom allows the students at EPJ to learn while in nature. The old stage will be brought back to life with additional seating boulders that can accommodate up to 30 students. This will be used for drama, poetry reading, plein d'air art and general outdoor teaching. 

Performance Amphitheatre  

This natural outdoor setting will inspire and showcase theatrical and musical performances, presentations and guest speakers. This space will double as a place for students' lunch-time play, picnicking and socializing. It will be built to accommodate an audience of 150 people sitting on the hill and granite slabs.

The amphitheatre will be used by the broader community through the Scouts, Senior Activity Centre and the pre-schoolers to name only a few.


Biodiversity rain Garden, Ephemeral wetlands   

The rain garden is a fantastic scientific component that demonstrates the power of nature in cleansing our rain water and managing our run-off to create a mini ecosystem of water loving plants and water-play (except in very dry seasons).

Managing our rainfall and helping purify our run-off, this area would be built with more sand and rocks to help catch and beautify the wet area running along the base of the eastern bank (below the woods). This budget includes; the sandy play area next to the rain garden and the First Nation's healing circle.


Bird sanctuary and water sluice


Reflective in nature, these platforms will be built in varying heights around the trees in the woodland forest at the East end of the playground. Student built birdhouses will provide a helping hand in the wildlife preservation and stewardship. This is meant to be a place of contemplation, seclusion, and safety, where the children can observe and hear the birds they have invited.


First Nations Healing Circle

This will be a special place for the entire community who need a peaceful retreat.  Healing is one of the many themes for this Park. Especially helpful for youth in conflict resolution and to celebrate ceremonies of achievement. It is also a powerful tool to help heal from grief and loss experienced at Pauline Johnson school over the last couple of years. Sand pit with stepping logs in the background.


the grande Allée    

Currently challenged with water logged roots, the Grande Allée will be restored to provide a valuable shaded area in which our children and community members are able to relax, talk and connect with their neighbours. A new bench system will be installed. The end of the Allée will have an ode to Pauline Johnson, a beautiful invitation to the woodland path beyond.